Coastal Bend Republican Coalition


The Republican Party of Texas State Convention is in Houston June 16-18.


The State Convention is the FINAL place to have a voice on what our State Party does and looks like.

Delegates at the State Convention vote on important Party matters:

Approve Credentials of Delegates and Alternates

Adopts Rules for Convention and until next Convention

Adopt Party Platform

Adopt Legislative Priorities

Select SREC members in SD Caucus (1 Committee man & one Committee woman elected in each Senate District)

Select State Chair, Vice-Chair, and other Officers

The Schedule for the Convention has now been posted.

You can access it here.

Who represents you on the Committees?

RPT Convention Committees - 2022

Position Name County Email Committee
Chair David Wylie Denton Credentials
SD01 Sharon Guthrie Smith Credentials
SD02 Kerry Gaines Dallas Credentials
SD03 Ryan Daniel Liberty Credentials
SD04 Byron Schirmbeck Harris Credentials
SD05 Sylvia Rosenberger Walker Credentials
SD06 Marga Mathews Harris Credentials
SD07 Ralph Fite Harris Credentials
SD08 Connor Barron Collin Credentials
SD09 Karen Brennan Tarrant Credentials
SD10 Susan Wright Tarrant Credentials
SD11 Selina Sauter Brazoria Credentials
SD12 Bob Bueker Denton Credentials
SD13 Shawn Scott Fort Bend Credentials
SD14 John Andrusiak Travis Credentials
SD15 Brenda Estis Harris Credentials
SD16 Susan Fischer Dallas Credentials
SD17 Robert Shirley Matagorda Credentials
SD18 Kimberly Hesley Aransas Credentials
SD19 David Apodaca Bexar Credentials
SD20 Michael Bergsma Nueces Credentials
SD21 Rita Kay Jordan Karnes Credentials
SD22 Paula Anz Ellis

SD23 Eric S. "Rick" Cook Dallas Credentials
SD24 Helen Herd Kerr Credentials
SD25 Chris Fails Bexar Credentials
SD26 Virginia "Ginny" Shannon Bexar Credentials
SD27 Dianalee Enriquez Hidalgo Credentials
SD28 Ann Franklin Gray Credentials
SD29 Robyn Cooper El Paso Credentials
SD30 Dianne Helms Cooke Credentials
SD31 Joe Hurt Ector Credentials
Chair Hon. Nathan macias Bexar

Legislative Priorities

SD01 Scott Hommel Lamar

Legislative Priorities

SD02 Marty Reid Kaufman

Legislative Priorities

SD03 Dan Hunt Henderson

Legislative Priorities

SD04 Ashley Burke Montgomery

Legislative Priorities

SD05 Michael Salvo Williamson

Legislative Priorities

SD06 Tammie Nielsen Harris

Legislative Priorities

SD07 Tom Nobis Harris

Legislative Priorities

SD08 Shelby Williams Collin

Legislative Priorities

SD09 Vince Puente Tarrant

Legislative Priorities

SD10 Jesse Taylor Tarrant

Legislative Priorities

SD11 Suezette Griffin Brazoria

Legislative Priorities

SD12 Chris Corbett Denton

Legislative Priorities

SD13 Dr. Milinda Morris Harris

Legislative Priorities

SD14 Amy O’Donnell Travis

Legislative Priorities

SD15 Sean Cheben Harris

Legislative Priorities

SD16 Liz Pickens Dallas

Legislative Priorities

SD17 Henry Bohnert Brazoria

Legislative Priorities

SD18 Paul Yamarick Lavaca

Legislative Priorities

SD19 Rhonda Marquardt Kinney

Legislative Priorities

SD20 Richard Miller Jim Wells

Legislative Priorities

SD21 Julie Dahlberg Wilson

Legislative Priorities

SD22 Devvie Duke McLennan

Legislative Priorities

SD23 Clint Sterry Dallas

Legislative Priorities

SD24 Wendy Daughtery Lampasas

Legislative Priorities

SD25 Kaci Sisk Comal

Legislative Priorities

SD26 Rick Briscoe Bexar

Legislative Priorities

SD27 Jeneria Lewis Cameron

Legislative Priorities

SD28 Chase Marberry Lubbock

Legislative Priorities

SD29 Hans Sassenfeld El Paso

Legislative Priorities

SD30 Nancy Dillard Denton

Legislative Priorities

SD31 Teresa Beckmeyer Mitchell

Legislative Priorities

Chair Deborah Kelting Fite Harris Organization
SD01 Jason Carter Bowie Organization
SD02 Beverly Gatlin Ellis Organization
SD03 Bradley Reynolds

Nacogdoches Organization
SD04 Gwen Withrow Montgomery Organization
SD05 Nita Davidson Williamson Organization
SD06 Maria Bengochea Harris Organization
SD07 Donna Stanart Harris Organization
SD08 Jessica Hulcy Collin Organization
SD09 Vandolyn Roszell Tarrant Organization
SD10 Matt Ticzkus Parker Organization
SD11 Elizabeth Lauzon Harris Organization
SD12 Matthew Armstrong Tarrant Organization
SD13 Linda Howell Fort Bend Organization
SD14 Olga Lasher Travis Organization
SD15 Vanessa Ingrassia Harris Organization
SD16 Susan Fountain Dallas Organization
SD17 Kyle Stanley Fort Bend Organization
SD18 Donald Page Gonzales Organization

Warrington Lee Austerman

Bexar Organization
SD20 Barbie Baker Nueces Organization
SD21 Toni Trevino Starr Organization
SD22 James Ashby Tarrant Organization
SD23 Ed Zenner Dallas Organization
SD24 Marion Knowlton Atascosa Organization
SD25 Tom Holman Hays TOM_HOLMAN@HOTMAIL.COM Organization
SD26 Carol Van De Walle Bexar Organization
SD27 Minerva Simpson Cameron Organization
SD28 Hershel Redding Taylor Organization
SD29 Adolpho Telles El Paso Organization
SD30 Rena Peden Parker Organization
SD31 Thomas Warren Potter Organization
Chair Matt Patrick Dallas; Platform
SD01 Michelle Gamboa Gregg Platform
SD02 John White Rockwall Platform
SD03 Tony Robertson Hardin Platform
SD04 Jon Bouche Montgomery Platform
SD05 Gerald Yezak Robertson Platform
SD06 Keith Nielsen Harris Platform
SD07 William (Bill) Ely Harris Platform
SD08 Stephen Kallas Collin Platform
SD09 Leigh Wambsganss Tarrant Platform
SD10 Derrick Wilson Johnson Platform
SD11 Dr. Robin Armstrong Galveston Platform
SD12 Cynthia Castilla Dallas Platform
SD13 Jason Vaughn Harris Platform
SD14 Will Lutz Travis Platform
SD15 Rolando Garcia Harris Platform
SD16 Brian Bodine Dallas Platform
SD17 Caleb Pillado Fort Bend Platform
SD18 Tom Glass Lee Platform
SD19 Jack Dubose Real Platform
SD20 Susie Sullivan Nueces Platform
SD21 Carter Thomas Wilson Platform
SD22       Platform
SD23 Franklin Hill Dallas Platform
SD24 Andrew Eller Bell Platform
SD25 Chris Byrd Comal Platform
SD26 David Westbrook Bexar Platform
SD27 Suzanne Guggenheim Nueces Platform
SD28 Susan Williamson Menard Platform
SD29 Thomas Reynolds El Paso Platform
SD30 Diana Richards Grayson Platform
SD31 Steven Villela Midland Platform
Chair Steve Evans Lubbock Rules
SD01 Carl Byers Upshur Rules
SD02 Bruce Bishop Dallas Rules
SD03 Janis Holt Hardin Rules
SD04 Jonathan Hullihan Montgomery Rules
SD05 Dwayne Wright San Jacinto Rules
SD06 Chris McDonald Harris Rules
SD07 Virgil Vickery Harris Rules
SD08 Jim Pikl Collin Rules
SD09 Mike Snyder Tarrant Rules
SD10 Harrison Whitaker Palo Pinto Rules
SD11 Terri Leo-Wilson Galveston Rules
SD12 Jeff Younger Denton Rules
SD13 Rachel Hooper Harris Rules
SD14 Edward Hauser Travis Rules
SD15 Josh Flynn Harris Rules
SD16 Dan Pickens Dallas Rules
SD17 Jim McSpadden Harris Rules
SD18 Charles "Chuck" Beers Austin Rules
SD19 Robert Castaneda Bexar Rules
SD20 Grace Jones Jim Wells Rules
SD21 Kathy Haigler Caldwell Rules
SD22 Jon Ker McLennan Rules
SD23 Leslie Thomas Dallas Rules
SD24 Matt Long Gillespie Rules
SD25 David Doman Travis Rules
SD26 Justin Nichols Bexar Rules
SD27 Rey Gonzalez Cameron Rules
SD28 Dennis Regan Taylor Rules
SD29 James Peinado El Paso Rules
SD30 Mark Russell Grayson Rules
SD31 Mary Kay Phelan Hutchison Rules

The list of the Delegate and Alternates at State Convention, elected at their respective Convention in the two Senate Districts that Nueces County is part of, are listed below.

So are the resolutions that have been voted at the two SD Conventions and are sent to State.

SD20-27 Conventions

SD27 Delegates and Alternates to Texas GOP State Convention

DEL/ALT # First Name Last Name
DEL 1 Adam Hinojosa
DEL 2 Laurie Turner
DEL 3 Martin Phalen
DEL 4 Daniel Davis
DEL 5 Eddie  Gassman
DEL 6 Donna Eyles
DEL 7 Barbara Jernegan
DEL 8 Connie Parham
DEL 9 Daniel Resley
DEL 10 Miguel Briseno
DEL 11 Peggy  Denson
DEL 12 Michael Rittgers
DEL 13 Debbie Davenport
DEL 14 Herb  Bradley
DEL 15 Robert Pruski
DEL 16 Millie Stokes
DEL 17 James Rose
DEL 18 Colby Wiltse
DEL 19 Cade Dowd
DEL 20 Mark Drew
DEL 21 Ava Lynn Storbeck
DEL 22 Clayton Cable
DEL 23 MK Walling
DEL 24 Suzanne Guggenheim
DEL 25 Glenn Holland
DEL 26 Carmen Calderone
DEL 27 Alan Guggenheim
ALT 1 Catherine Calderone
ALT 2 Victoria  Hinijosa
ALT 3 Bernetta  Douglas
ALT 4 Beata  Gorley
ALT 5 William Davenport
ALT 6 Kelly Anne Powell
ALT 7 Nancy  Parker
ALT 8 Victoria  Hanson
ALT 9 John  Stokes
ALT 10 Dara Rittgers
ALT 11 Nicole Dowd
ALT 12 James Barron
ALT 13 Alfred Lujan
ALT 14 Don Parker
ALT 15 Matthew Younger
ALT 16 Michelle Orcutt
ALT 17 Vanessa Finney
ALT 18 Brittany Dottolo
ALT 19 Jay Whiteside
ALT 20 Kimberly Young
ALT 21 Royce Albrecht
ALT 22 Kelly Hughes

SD20 Delegates and Alternates to Texas GOP State Convention

DEL/ALT # First Name Last Name
DEL 1 Barbie Baker
DEL 2 Rebecca Bradford
DEL 3 Nancy Graves
DEL 4 Connie Scott
DEL 5 Rick Milby
DEL 6 Mourad Hasbaoui
DEL 7 Gene Seaman
DEL 8 Carrie Moore Manna
DEL 9 Chad Magill
DEL 10 Winter Edwards
DEL 11 Angie Flores
DEL 12 Charlie Burnett
DEL 13 Melinda De Los Santos
DEL 14 Krystal Devos
DEL 15 Jenny Dorsey
DEL 16 Andrew Duarte
DEL 17 LJ Francis
DEL 18 John Holmgreen
DEL 19 Connie Bergsma
DEL 20 Ellen Seaman
DEL 21 Betty Lou Dalton
DEL 22 Dane Smith
DEL 23 Andrea Francis
DEL 24 Dee Stokes
DEL 25 Fred Olsson
DEL 26 Jeanne Whittington
DEL 27 Diana Lupe Terzo
DEL 28 Debra Perrin
DEL 29 Deeanna Hawkins
DEL 30 Aubrey Bryan
DEL 31 Natalie Olsson
DEL 32 Orlando Sims
DEL 33 Cierra Medina
DEL 34 Logan Chew
DEL 35 Brandey Batey
DEL 36 Carolyn Vaughn
DEL 37 John Sullivan
DEL 38 Susie Sullivan
DEL 39 Michael Bergsma
DEL 40 James Baker
DEL 41 Arturo Granado
DEL 42 Nicole Wright
DEL 43 Westley Wright
DEL 44 Steve Ray
DEL 45 Greg Graves
DEL 46 Scott Harris
DEL 47 Joe McComb
DEL 48 Matt Woolbright
DEL 49 Travis Vest
DEL 50 Anissa Hernandez
DEL 51 Jackie Hodges
DEL 52 Jade Redublo
DEL 53 Gilbert Hernandez
DEL 54 Deborah Hovda
DEL 55 Denise Villalobos
DEL 56 Luis Buentello
DEL 57 Sheila Senterfitt
DEL 58 Laura Milby
DEL 59 Barbara Garner
DEL 60 Jason Whiteside
DEL 61 Alfredo Hinojosa
DEL 62 Terry Morris
DEL 63 Rita Graham
DEL 64 Michael Hunter
DEL 65 Ben Molina
DEL 66 Bryan Sexton
DEL 67 Mona Lisa Biberstein
DEL 68 Dan Hogan
DEL 69 Jack Laing
DEL 70 Herman Cazalas
DEL 71 Chris Hale
DEL 72 Arnold Austin
DEL 73 Heather Hallock
DEL 74 Daniel Redding
ALT 1 Heather Locke
ALT 2 Patricia Polastri
ALT 3 Sylvia Harris
ALT 4 Jim Logan
ALT 5 Rowena Logan
ALT 6 Susan Lamb
ALT 7 Jamie Baker
ALT 8 Michael Scott
ALT 9 Lynley Wright
ALT 10 Ilaria M. Reyes
ALT 11 Myra Morris
ALT 12 Judson Smith
ALT 13 Lynda Stringer
ALT 14 Ruben Villalobos
ALT 15 Randal Hinton
ALT 16 Dolly Trolley
ALT 18 Manuel Rangel
ALT 19 Phillip Yarbrough
ALT 20 Patricia Craig
ALT 21 Josephine Herro
ALT 21 Rodney Perrin
ALT 22 Jessie Carlson
ALT 23 Ava Kirkpatrick
ALT 24 Eddie Smith
ALT 25 Cherlynne Hinton
ALT 26 Laura Holmgreen
ALT 27 Colleen Hogan
ALT 28 Sophie Farrar
ALT 29 Randy Farrar
ALT 30 Royce Hallock
ALT 31 Brent Chesney
ALT 32 Sandara Luz Calvo
ALT 33 Sondra Cazalas
ALT 34 Ron Stringer
ALT 35 Victor Baumble
ALT 36 Veronica Lopez
ALT 37 Liz Smith
ALT 38    
ALT 39 Anna Yarbrough
ALT 40 William McGuire Jr
ALT 41 Luke Wagner
ALT 42 Stacey Smith
ALT 43 Darryl Smith

SD27 Resolutions Passed & Sent to State

Senatorial District Conventions will take place this Saturday, March 26th.  If you couldn't be a delegate or alternate, you can still attend as a guest for nomination to State Convention.  Convention details can be found HERE. If you need more information, please reach out to your Precinct Chair. 


You can request to be a Delegate at your State Convention when attending your Senate District Convention. If you did NOT sign up to be a Delegate for your Senate District Convention, you can still attend as a guest and fill an Application to request to be a Delegate for State.


Precinct Convention tomorrow

Sat March 5, 2022

We need YOU there!



YOU are needed!

Announcement March 5, 2022

Wherever you live in Nueces County, we need every conservative to show up to shape the direction and Platform of the Republican Party for the years to come! 



You voted early, or last Tuesday, but your work is not done.

We still need you this Saturday to stop the effort going on in many Counties to purge grassroots conservatives from the Republican Party of Texas convention process!

We are better off in Nueces County than some other areas, but we still have a lot of work to do!

Show up with conservative friends and participate!

Why attend your precinct convention?

You can help build a conservative Republican Party of Texas Platform up from the grassroots level! 

If conservatives don’t show up, while Rinocrats do, guess what happens? 

The battle in the Republican Party continues to be between Christian Patriots and RINOS. 

RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, in the Republican Party of Texas (RPT), come in different shades.

Some are just before all else, pro0Establishment and do not want to risk doing anything that may displease the Powers in place.

Others are strongly determined to remove the pro-life, pro-Biblical marriage, pro-religious liberty, pro-school choice, opposition to the homosexual political agenda, opposition to sanctuary cities and other social conservative planks from the Republican Party of Texas party platform at the State Convention this June.

You can prevent this by taking the first step: attending your precinct convention.

The Precinct Convention is not well-known, but it's like a small town hall meeting made up Republicans who have voted in the Republican Primary and live in your precinct.

Anyone who votes in the Republican primary election, either in early voting, voting by mail, or at the polls on election day, is eligible to attend his or her precinct convention. Expect anywhere from 1 to 20 participants to attend, depending on how active a precinct you live in.

How can I find my Precinct Number?

Click on the link above. Zoom out to find where you live, click on that area. A side bit will indicate your precinct Number

Who is my Precinct Chair?

If you are not sure, call me.

The following is what happens at your precinct convention. 

The precinct convention is called to order by the Precinct Chairman or a person acting in his stead. This person is the Temporary Precinct Convention Chairman.

A Permanent Precinct Convention Chairman and Secretary are then elected by majority vote. 

There is NO QUORUM required for a Precinct 

Convention to happen. If you are alone, YOU are the Convention!

How does this work?

There are only two items of business for the precinct convention: 

1.  At the precinct convention, attendees decide by majority vote who gets to be delegates and alternates to the county/senatorial district convention.

Often, everyone who attends becomes a delegate to the next level. However, if a large number attend, decisions will need to be made as to who will be a delegate and who will be an alternate.

The only requirement to be elected as a delegate or alternate to the county/senatorial district convention is to have voted in the 2022 Republican primary election.

It is not required to attend the precinct convention in order to be elected to the next higher level. If you, or your friends cannot attend, just make sure you signify someone in your Precinct that you want to be a Delegate to the Senat District Convention, Saturday, March 26. 

2.The approval of resolutions to be sent to these conventions. These resolutions then work their way through senatorial district conventions to the Republican State Convention where, if adopted, they become part of the State Republican Party Platform.

Be sure to print out the resolutions that you want to help pass among those below (or others) in at least 4 copies, including one for you, and get these resolutions passed by your precinct convention. 

How you can be a delegate to your Precinct, County and State Republican Conventions:

Click here for a handy one-page guide.

YouTube training


Here a a few suggested resolutions sent by some friendly groups that you can download and Print. Just add your name and Precinct number.

Submit your favorites, or submit them all, or even write your own.

Conservative Republicans of Texas
Resolutions for 2022 Republican Precinct Conventions

  1. Abolishing Abortion in Texas 
  2. Family and Marriage
  3. Adoption 
  4. Gender Identity
  5. Protection of Minors from Sex Change Treatment
  6. Prohibiting Homosexual Indoctrination in Schools
  7. No Minority Status Granted Based on Homosexual Activities
  8. Prohibiting Drag Queen Story Hour 
  9. Right to Bear Arms 
  10. Sovereignty of the Church 
  11. Legitimate Function of Civil Government 
  12. Non-State Schools 
  13. Opposing a State Income Tax 
  14. Supporting Free Enterprise Solutions for Medical Care 
  15. Right-to-Work 
  16. Victim’s Rights 
  17. Capital Punishment 
  18. National Sovereignty 
  19. Immigration
  20. Repeal of the Texas Business Tax 
  21. Transforming the Texas Medical Board/Medical Freedom
  22. Religious Liberty and Free Speech
  23. Suspend Contact with Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  24. Support Reparative Therapy
  25. Republican Chairmanships in the Texas Legislature
  26. Voter Integrity
  27. Opposition to Mandatory Vaccinations and Vaccine Passports


Texas Eagle Forum Resolutions

1.  Preserving the existing platform on transportation and toll roads

2.  What's in your current party platform?

3.  Opposing the Imposition of Climate or Social Justice Policies that Restrict Transportation

4.  Opposing the federal mileage tax

5.  Resolution in Support of a Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

6.  Resolution in Support of a “No-Growth” Budget

7.  Resolution in Support of Eliminating the Property Tax

8.  Republican Party Conflict of Interest

9.  Texas Border Security

10. One Texas Electric Grid

11. Resolution to Hold Abortionists Accountable

12. Resolution to Make Repealing the Anti-Life 10-Day Rule a Legislative Priority

13. Resolution to Build a Pro-Life Texas After Roe

14. Resolution Calling for Ban on Mandatory COVID Vaccination(s)

15. Ban on Mandatory COVID Vaccination(s) & Face Masks

16. Resolution Calling for the Bringing of the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 in Compliance with the Texas Constitution

17. Resolution to Amend the Texas Constitution to allow the Legislature to call for a Special Legislative Session

18. Resolution to allow the Senate District to be included in the selection  of the SREC member to fill a mid-term vacancy

20. Require Public Education on the Humanity of the Preborn Child

21. Resolution to Repeal Kinsey Based Laws

22. Resolution Opposing Gambling in Texas

23. Resolution Opposing President Biden’s “American the Beautiful” known as 30 x 30 Program

24. Resolution for Parents’ Right to Know and Consent

25. Resolution Calling for Honest Elections

26. Border Security Resolution

27. Election Integrity Resolution

28. Electro-Magnetic Pulse Protection Resolution

29. Patients Freedom in Healthcare Resolution

30. Patient's Bill of Rights Resolution

A Few More Resolutions (RLC)

  1. Make Ban Taxpayer Lobbying be the No. 1 RPT Legislative Priority

  2. Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture
  3. Amend rule number 34 (C)
  4. Ban Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Scores

Remember to take family, friends and neighbors who are conservative Republicans to the precinct convention with you. At least get their consent to be Delegate to the next step, the Senate District Convention, Saturday, March 26.



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