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If you cannot volunteer your time, please consider making  generous donations.

But to whom???

That's a question we get very often. You are tired of wasting your money on organizations that turn around and use your money on attacking your conservative candidates in defense of the Establishment candidates that you planned to oppose.

Here are some suggestions (I know, people say it's not good practice to recommend other good places to make donations to. Well, we just don't think and act like everyone else):

1. CRBCAs you could expect, I'll start with us. Because all politics begin and are won at the local level! 

If we do not have Boots on the Ground, we will not win.

2. The local Candidates you are the most passionate about (We will soon post their links below)

. Trustworthy groups, who promote, spread and support our values and candidates

and of course, 

4. Reliable Election oriented groups


GEORGIA:  The two most recent polls show Democrat Raphael Warnock has opened up a 3% to 10% lead following several weeks of negative press coverage by the liberal media towards our Republican nominee, Herschel Walker.  Walker Hershel is a great candidate. We must turn this race around and regain the momentum.


WASHINGTON:  Earlier polls had shown Republican Tiffany Smiley within 5% of Democrat Patty Murray, but after Democrats spent millions on two negative TV ads attacking Republican Smiley, the latest polling shows Democrat Patty Murray opening a 20-point lead.  Murray must go!


COLORADO:  Democrat incumbent Michael Bennet won his race in 2010 with just 48.1% of the vote, and was re-elected in 2016 with just 49.97% of the vote.  And brand new polling shows Joe Biden's favorability rating has plummeted, with just 42% of Colorado voters approving of Biden's job performance, and a substantial 56% of voters giving Biden the thumbs down.  We can and must flip this seat into the GOP column.


NEVADA:  New polling data shows Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto now holds a 3-point lead.  thanks to an endless stream of ads from the Democrats. Adam Laxalt is an outstanding candidates. He needs your support.


ARIZONA:  President Trump has endorsed Conservative Republican Blake Masters in this key race, and the latest Trafalgar Group poll shows Blake Masters surging to the lead in the GOP Primary.  If he prevails, he will face Democrat Mark Kelly who narrowly won his race by just 2.4%.


NEW HAMPSHIRE:  In 2016 Democrat Maggie Hassan won this race by just 1,017 votes, and now it is time for us to win this seat back for the GOP.  A brand new University of New Hampshire poll shows Hassan's support declining as the national political environment has become toxic for Democrats.  Hassan's support level is now down to around 44% - 45%.  The Rs have a strong opportunity to win this race.

It's all in your hands. Will you just sit and watch?

Or will you roll up your sleeves and open your wallet?

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