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Ask Texas Governor to Stand up for Parents

Against California's Child kidnapping scheme

A bill currently on California Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk would allow the state of California to steal Texas kids. " " . .

Under the bill, SB107, any child, even those from another state who make it to California, will be able to obtain gender modification treatment WITHOUT their parents' knowledge or consent. . The bill also allows California Judges to remove custody from the child's parents.

--> We need Governor Abbott to stand up for Texas parents RIGHT NOW.

  • Please call 512-463-2000
  • or email him (

and urge him to protect Texas families by publicly pressuring Gov. Newsom to veto this bill.


Protect your Kids in School via Curriculum Exemption


Government Funding Negotiations 

Ask for a Clean Continuing Resolution

Senators Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently wrote, “It’s time for Republicans to stand united and demand that Congress pass a clean continuing resolution (CR) that simply maintains current federal spending levels—and not a penny more—until a new Congress begins.” We could not agree more with their new op-ed.

Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Chip Roy have led letters in their respective chambers, with members of Congress publicly indicating their opposition to any continuing resolution that empowers Democrats to pass a massive spending package in the upcoming lame duck session of Congress. Read the letter.

Progressive Democrats are currently holding government funding hostage over the Inflation Reduction Act. If they maintain their position, this means Speaker Pelosi will need Republican votes to pass the CR. Republicans should use this leverage to demand a “clean” CR – without any Left-wing priorities tacked on – that goes through Q1 of 2023.

>> Take Action: Urge your senators and representative to demand a clean continuing resolution that maintains current federal spending levels until a new Congress begins.


Electoral Count Act

Just 9 House Republicans broke ranks to vote for a bill from Liz Cheney and House Democrats that aims to prevent another January 6. All of them are retiring.

The House passed a bill aimed at preventing another January 6. Just 9 Republicans voted for it.

The bill amends the Electoral Count Act and clarifies the vote-counting role of the vice president.

Senators introduced their own bipartisan bill two months ago, and some say this is just a messaging bill. The Bill passed by a 229-203 vote.

The "Presidential Election Reform Act," co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California and Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, says itaims to prevent another January 6 attack by clarifying the laws that govern Congress's role in counting Electoral College votes.

In fact, the language of the House bill begins with very partisan and inflammatory language about the events of January 6. The bill was clearly written to make a political statement, not gain bipartisan support.

And on the substance of the bill, there are clear problems.

This bill also places strict limitations on the reason a member of Congress can object. There may be cases of fraud or widespread voter suppression in a state, and under this bill, a Member of Congress would be prohibited from objecting.

Additionally, the bill gives governors the final say on certifying state electors, despite it being the state legislature that has the constitutional authority to determine the electors of a state. Final authority should remain with the legislatures.

For more:

House Passes Liz Cheney’s Trojan Horse Elections Bill Enabling Democrat Takeover Of The Ballot Box

>> Take Action: Urge your representative to vote NO on the Presidential Election Reform Act (H.R. 8873).

Marriage Vote Delayed

Senators have delayed the vote on the Respect for Marriage Act (H.R.8404) until after the election. Previously this bill was merely a political effort, designed to divide and put pressure on Republicans before an election. Now, it has moved toward a lawmaking effort. While this means a short-term victory, it suggests supporters of the bill may believe they now have the 10 Republican votes needed to pass the legislation in a 50-50 split Senate.

Congress should not be making policy in the lame duck session, after many legislators have just been voted out of office by their constituents.

>> Take Action: You should continue to contact your Republican senators and urge them to OPPOSE this bill. It could come up for a vote at any point after the election.

Senator John Cornyn | 202-224-2934

Senator Ted Cruz | 202-224-5922

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